Exclusive Services Offered by Melbourne Brothels

What are the best Melbourne brothels?

There are all sorts of escort agencies out there offering a multitude of services to its clients. There are agencies with lower fees and charges, individual escort services but also top exclusive agencies called “courtesan clubs”. Read on to find out more about these exclusive Melbourne brothels providing services for the most affluent and demanding gentlemen can take advantage of.

Luxurious companionship & more

Once you checkout the website of such an exclusive escort services agency, you will notice that they offer plenty of extra services for its clients. The agencies even offer special escort packages which include travel, accommodation or dinner recommendations and even city tours for the client and its escort. So let’s check out what these services look like:

  • Luxury accommodation solutions- many clients want to hire the services of an escort but they simply do not have the time to take care of all other extras such as accommodation for example. This is where the agency steps in and offers several options and quotes for the client. The client will then review these accommodation options and select the ones that best suit their needs and requirements. Once the client submits details pertaining to available budget and some preferences, the agency experts will come up with the best recommendations.
  • Luxury transportation escort services- Clients need to get transportation from the airport to the hotel, or right from the hotel to a restaurant. They need confidential and comfortable transportation services available at their discretion, and the agency can easily put at their disposal such extra solutions.
  • City guides and recommendations- a client might wish to take a city break tour with a beautiful escort. Going to European capitals such as Amsterdam, Budapest, or Rome and spending there 2 or 3 pleasant days with an escort is not unusual. The exclusive agencies can come up with recommendations regarding the best hotels, restaurant and clubs, and they can even arrange to book these facilities for the client. Of course, all these extra services come with an extra fee, but clients are most happy that everything is arranged for them and they do not have to spend time on looking separately for transportation, accommodation, etc.

Exclusive packages at Melbourne Brothels

The best Melbourne brothels will not only focus on offering services such as the companionship of a lady. They also focus on helping clients make their stay as comfortable as possible, and spend minimal time on arrangements such as booking a hotel or finding transportation.

Typically, these exclusive escort agencies offer escort packages that clients can choose from. For example, they can offer a Dine & Wine package where the client and the escort will have the chance to get to know each other better, and spend a pleasant evening out dining in a romantic setting. These can be 3 or 4 hour dates, where 1 or 2 hours needs to be spent in a public place (a restaurant), before spending the rest of the time privately in a hotel room. The packages have a flat fee, and many clients consider these packages nice because they include everything needed to spend a romantic evening out, just like with a girlfriend.

Other escort services packages for a flat fee can include Drinking & Dancing packages, Bed & Breakfast, Ménage a Trois, Intimacy for Couples and more. Each of the packages includes a certain timeframe to be spent intimately with each other.